“Hi Shinni, thanks for the very enjoyable enchanted cupcake session this morning! it’s really fun and my friends enjoyed all the cupcakes made. it’s not so sweet and the strawberry cream was delicious. Will keep a lookout for upcoming courses and try more baking sessions next time. Hope to see you soon ” — Shao Qin

“ I have tried to do the Japanese cheese cake, pandan chiffon Cake and ginger biscuit. So far my family all said nice. I want to thank you for your recipe and teaching method. Although i am not able to do it 100% myself but by following the guide still can do. ” — Choo Men

“ I’ve completed all 6 lessons and all I can say is I tremendously enjoyed every single lesson! Shinni does live demos and ensures that students are on the right track. Her recipes are easy to follow and they all work great! Baked for my family and they loved my bakes:) I’m looking forward to attend more lessons with Shinni!Been to 2 classes and really enjoyed them. I am a beginner baker but the instructions given are very clear and concise such that I can follow. Cakes are delicious! I have signed up for another 4 lessons and looking forward to learning from Shinni again!:)Thanks for the tarts (Delectable Tarts) session. My family loved the tarts and my boy gobbled down the chocolate tart happily :)” — WeiYing

“ Shinni is a very helpful and friendly teacher. I attended the Say Cheeze class and thoroughly enjoyed the class. She made sure that the students get to have hands on experience and she will guide when it’s done the wrong way. I find this to be very helpful as then the student will know the proper technique. I especially love the recipe for the Light Japanese Cheese Cake. It is so light and fluffy and really yummy! I’m so glad I attended this class ” — Teresa Lim