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BakinCalf is a home-based business run by Shinni, who is passionate in baking and sharing baking tips and tricks. She finds it therapeutic to turn basic baking ingredients to gorgeous and yummy cakes. This is where her passion, determination and her little perfectionist character comes in to conjuring up beautiful cakes & pastries from little more than flour, sugar and eggs. Being her character, she like the challenge to make beautiful glamorous fondant 2-tier cakes. However, simplicity is all she is after. Chiffon cake, butter cake and bread is all she needs to satisfy her sugar craving. It is the process and mastering the art of making these desserts that brings her happiness.

Simple is not easy. As the simplest ingredients in artisan bread, it take great depth of knowledge and patient to master. She has create this website to teach and share her baking recipes and experiences with you.

To be able to live your passion is a dream come true.”

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