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Private Baking Workshops


Feeling shy to ask 'silly' baking questions or you want to arrange a private event for your friends hens party or couple activity. Arrange with us, book a time slot and we're all ready to have fun baking class. Want to get some ideas what kind of cakes/pastries you can learn? Find Out More.

Book A Chef

From: $135.00

You can sent us an enquiry below and let us know what desserts you like to learn and bake. Price is for single pax.


Book a private class with our pastry chef and learn to bake your favorite dessert. We can customise the cake/pastry you and your friends like to learn. You only need to come and enjoy the baking process. Bring home the cakes/pastries you bake during class and enjoy it with your friends.

Do you like a cosy environment with dedicated instructor guidance in every step of the baking process? Our studio size fit for 1 to 4 pax so that each student can get the maximum attention.

Sent us an enquiry to find out more. All ingredients, materials and recipes are included.

Cream Cake

Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Ombre Cake, Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, etc

No Cream Cake

Chiffon Cake, Butter Cake, Castella Cake, Muffins, etc


Sweet & savory buns or loaf bread, Sourdough artesian bread, etc

Mousse Cake

Fruits mousse cake, Chocolate mousse cake, Lychee Cake etc


Cream puffs, Tarts, Eclairs, Financier, etc

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