Pandan Ambon (12 Jun ’22)


Date: 12-Jun-22 (Sun)
Time: 2pm to 3.30pm

A great chance to learn baking anywhere in the world with LIVE ZOOM Baking Class. Prepare your own ingredients and prepare to have fun baking together with chef at our comfort of our own kitchen. Interacting with other students and ask question directly to the chef. Our experience Chef will share tips and variation of the recipes.

We will contact you via Whatsapp mobile app and recipe will be provided after successful registration and payment.

This is a Live Baking Class via ZOOM meeting app. All students and chef will bake together in a step by step live baking class. You can choose to just watch or prepare your baking ingredients and bake together.

What you need are mixer, oven and weighing scale. Instruction of ZOOM class and recipes will be provided via Whatsapp. It is recommended all students to download and install an account with ZOOM and Whatsapp account prior to class.

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By sign up for this class. You have agreed the following:

1) Prepare ingredients, basic baking utensils, oven, mixer and weighing scale.

2) Download ZOOM app on own electronic device and switch on video mode during the whole baking class.

3) Being recorded during the baking class (this is solely for the baking instructor’s own use and improvement purposes).

4) Class registered are not refundable due to any reason including local internet connection issues or own absence.

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1 Aug (Sun)


2 to 4pm