2021 Best Cake Memories For StayHome Baking Virtual Baking Classes
Monday, 2 Nov, 2021 5:25 PM

Thank you for being with us during this year. We have baked so many delicious cakes and pastries. Here are some pictures to share with you.


Anniversary for BakinCalf StayHome Baking Class

Sunday, 14 Mar, 2021 11:40 PM

Thank you the continuous support for online baking with BakinCalf StayHome. If you like to see how the class would be like. Here is a preview on Strawberry Cake baking class through ZOOM.

Strawberry Cake Baking Class Preview

More exciting StayHome Baking Class below $30

Monday,05 Oct 20, 2020 12:00 AM

More classes are being taught. Fruit Tart, Egg Tart, Hokkaido Cheese tart, Tiramisu, Chocolate mousse cake, Chocolate cheesecake, Korean Garlic Cheese Bread, Nutella Lava Cookie, Taiwan Ah Mah Sponge Cake, etc… 



Burnt CheeseCake

Friday, July 24, 2020 12:00 AM


May 2020 ZOOM Live Baking Class

Live Baking Class

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 3:17 PM

We made Scone, Eclair, Brownie & Molten Chocolate. A afternoon tea we looked forward every Sunday 2pm ZOOM Class with Chef Shinni.


StayHome ZOOM Baking

Online Baking

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 5:48 PM 

During the COVID-19, BakinCalf has initiate the first LIVE baking class together with the students while they are stuck at home during circuit breaker period. The ZOOM StayHome baking classes was created to keep everyone safe at home and learn some baking without the need to leave their home.

This idea was spin off during the period of circuit breaker and we just don’t know where else we can go. So Chef Shinni have decided to conduct a live baking class through ZOOM & Whatsapp to some close friends. Teaching them step-by-step along the way. We all had so much fun sourcing for the most basic ingredients and recipe to do as during this period many baking products our of stock and flying off the shelves. Neighbours and family members got to enjoy the most of these desserts. 

After which more and more request for such baking class. And as such I’ve decided to put on public for registration for these classes. All cakes and pastry dessert are suggested by our community of StayHome bakers. So join us in our close group discussion too.


8 Home Business in The North

Baking studio in neighborhood

Re-post an article which I’ve forgotten already :).  A Post by thesmartlocal posting 8 Home Business in The North. And yes BakinCalf is one of them too.  Check out the link.


SkillsFuture Classes

Baking Class Approved by SkillsFuture
Sunday, July 14, 2019 8:28 PM   

BakinCalf 1 Day Tart & Pastry class. SkillsFuture approved. Class starts in August 2019. Sign up now

Chinese New Year Cookie Sale

BakinCalf Chinese New Year Cookie Sale

Chinese New Year cookies for 2018 is ready for ordering. Here are the yummy delicious cookies to warm your heart.

Salted Egg Cornflakes 60 pcs $15.00
Peanut Cookies 50 pcs $15.00
Almond Sugee Cookies 50 pcs $16.00
Cashew Nut Cookies 50 pcs $16.00
Pineapple Tart (Open) 25 pcs $18.00
Pineapple Tart (Close) 25 pcs $18.00

10% OFF for 3 bottles & above – Order by 31 Dec 2017
5% OFF for 3 bottles & above – Order by 12 Jan 2018
Last order by 26 Jan 2018

Collection/ Delivery:
– Self collection/ delivery start on 1 Feb 2018
Collection Schedule
1) 6th, 8th, 12th, 14th Feb @ Yishun MRT 7PM-8PM. 7th, 9th, 15th Feb @ Yishun MRT 7AM-8AM
2) Other collection date and time at Blk 257 Yishun Ring Road.

Free delivery above $150 purchase
1) For purchases below $150, a delivery charge of $15.00 will be imposed.
2) For purchase $150 above, free delivery to mainland island only. Exclude Sentosa and Tuas. CBD area subject to $2 surcharge.

Order format
Online Order form :: Click here

Eggless Mini Muffin; 17-November 2017

Fund raising for guide dog

We are so glad to be given the opportunity to sponsor eggless mini muffins to raise funds for guide dog for the blind. We made various muffin flavours from Chocolate Chips to Raspberry Cranberry muffin. All are made with yogurt so it’s healthy and most of all it’s for a good cause. Thank you Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore (@ Macpherson) for holding such a great meaningful event.

Parent & Child or Child only class; 30-Oct 2017

This year BakinCalf baking studio have more baking classes for children from age 4 to 13 year old. We have design two classes for parent & child baking. There are Unicorn Cupcake and Panda Cupcake. These session create bonding time with your child and there are suitable for age 4 to 13.

For older kids above 7, Who love baking and decorating work. We have Valentine’s Heart, Tsum Tsum Cookie and Winnie Pooh Buns for them to have more hands on and baking experience.

Check out the baking classes schedule for 2017 at https://bakincalf.com/shop

Parent & Child Unicorn Baking Class; 28-October 2017

This year parent and child baking class we have Panda Cupcake, Valentine’s Heart and a new class Unicorn Cupcake. This is suitable for children from age 4 to 12 years old.

We are holding a contest now. A chance for you to win a P&C baking class for this school holiday.

Simply LIKE, SHARE and tag 3 friends and stand the chance to win Parent & Child Unicorn Cupcake baking class. Total 5 winners of worth $275++! Closing date this Saturday, 11 Nov 2017.

Do you know Unicorn is a mythical creature evoke feelings of nostalgia and whimsy… while also offering up a vibrant color palette that makes for gorgeous visuals. Desserts are made into cakes, drinks, popcorn, ice cream, donut and cupcakes with Unicorn designs.

Winners will be notified by 14 Nov 17.

Capital FM 95.8 Radio News; 4-September 2017

BakinCalf’s chef baking instructor Shinni was interviewed on the phone by FM 95.8 radio station on the trend of Christmas festive baking classes.

Parent/Child Baking Class; 4-May 2017

We believe children should learn cooking and baking at the youngest age. This allow them to develop their motor skills like mixing, stirring, beating, spooning and decorating creativity. What’s even better is this class allow you and your child to create a special bonding session. The beautiful …

BakinCalf Featured By Media Corp; 23-December 2016

BakinCalf was featured in Mediacorp Channel 5 & U News. A great experience and exciting one too. The mediacorp crew came to take video for the Snowskin & Shanghai Mooncake class. It sure make this festive special for me. Here is the video link :)中秋佳节:亲手学做月饼 订购快递送月饼到家服务 http://www.channel8news.sg/…

Channel 8 & U News; 10-September 2016

I’m so excited. First time appearing in News with camera, sound and lighting. Mediacorp came to interview us while we are making Snowskin Shanghai mooncake class. I hope I look okay on camera 🙂


The Sunday Times – Mid Autumn Festival; 17-August 2014

BakinCalf was featured in the news article on “Learn from the Experts” to learn the art of making the perfect mooncake. We are also happy that a photo of our mooncakes was chosen for the article too! ; )

Capital FM 95.8 Radio News; 27-January 2014

BakinCalf’s chef baking instructor Shinni was interviewed on the phone by FM 95.8 radio station on the trend of Chinese New Year festive baking classes.

NUYou Magazine ;16-December 2013

BakinCow’s Shinni chef baker was featured in Singapore’s Chinese magazine NUYOU in its December 2013 issue page 160. Shinni was tasked to create a Xmas-themed cake that accentuate Nuyou’s branding and style.

Simply Her Manazine; 15-July 2010

BakinCalf.com was featured in Simply Her July 2010 magazine for its baking workshops.

15-June 2010

BakinCow.com featured on U-Weekly magazine issue 185 pg 91.

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