Online Zoom Baking Class

StayHome ZOOM Baking Classes

Online Baking Class

During the COVID-19, BakinCalf has initiate the first LIVE baking class together with the students while they are stuck at home during circuit breaker period. The ZOOM StayHome baking classes was created to keep everyone safe at home and learn some baking without the need to leave their home.

This idea was spin off during the period of circuit breaker and we just don’t know where else we can go. So Chef Shinni have decided to conduct a live baking class through ZOOM & Whatsapp to some close friends. Teaching them step-by-step along the way. We all had so much fun sourcing for the most basic ingredients and recipe to do as during this period many baking products our of stock and flying off the shelves. Neighbours and family members got to enjoy the most of these desserts.

After which more and more request for such baking class. And as such I’ve decided to put on public for registration for these classes. All cakes and pastry dessert are suggested by our community of StayHome bakers. So join us in our close group discussion too.

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