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BakinCalf is a home-based business run by Shinni, who is passionate in baking and sharing baking tips and tricks. She finds it therapeutic to turn basic baking ingredients to gorgeous and yummy cakes. This is where her passion, determination and her little perfectionist character comes in to conjuring up beautiful cakes & pastries from little more than flour, sugar and eggs. Being her character, she like the challenge to make beautiful glamorous fondant 2-tier cakes. However, simplicity is all she is after. Chiffon cake, butter cake and bread is all she needs to satisfy her sugar craving. It is the process and mastering the art of making these desserts that brings her happiness.

"Simple is not easy. As the simplest ingredients in artisan bread, it take great depth of knowledge and patient to master. She has create this website to teach and share her baking recipes and experiences with you."

BakinCalf Bakery Studio

Company Roadmap

Adult Baking Classes
Private Chef Guidance


BakinCow was established to sells customise fondant birthday cakes and tofu cheesecake with jelly hearts. On the following year, BakinCalf was born to teach baking on western desserts. The first baking class conducted was for parent and child to bake and decoration cookies and cupcakes. A great time for bonding for parents and children.


BakinCalf have since advanced to teach adults to bake. From beginners to intermediate level. Teaches a variety of western cakes, breads including sourdough and asian kuehs. Decorating of cream cakes and fondant cakes.
During Covid-19 pandemic, we have also started online baking classes.


BakinCalf has pivoted to provide private chef booking. Customisation that fit into individual/group time schedule and speed which allows better learning and maximise hands-on baking experience with our chef on a 1-to-1 guidance. Over these years, >100 baking video tutorials was also created for all avid bakers to learn at their own pace.

BakinCalf Instructer

About Instructor

Presently, Shinni is the chef & baking instructor of BakinCalf. Since BakinCalf's founding in 2008, she has conducted many baking classes as well as baked numerous cakes for birthday, anniversary and wedding. She found that in today's highly-commercialized F&B environment, it is difficult to find affordably-priced customised cakes that do not compromise on quality.


Thus, she decided to do just that - bake high-quality cakes and teach others how to bake delicious wholesome cakes for everyone to enjoy by setting up the BakinCalf baking and decorating classes. In order to hone her craft, Shinni devoted herself to getting her baking certification through professional courses with Creative Culinaire, Wilton, CerealTech and other stalwarts in the industry and fine-tuning her recipes through meticulous scientific research.

Small Group

Baking Studio is suitable for a small group upto 4pax. This create a conducive learning environment and give baking participants the most attention from the instructor

Fully Equipped

All utensils and baking equipment are well maintained

Loyalty Program

Regular customers will enjoy loyalty discount program

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