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BakinCalf is a home-based business run by Shinni, who has been turning food into art by baking wholesome, gorgeous and yummy cakes since her Home Economics days in school, where she discovered a passion and talent tor conjuring up beautiful cakes from little more than flour, sugar and eggs. So she finally found the courage to quit her day job as a senior account manager in 2010 to pursue her dream of being a professional baker and thus has always enjoyed this journey.


“Hi Shinni, thanks for the very enjoyable enchanted cupcake session this morning! it’s really fun and my friends enjoyed all the cupcakes made. it’s not so sweet and the strawberry cream was delicious. Will keep a lookout for upcoming courses and try more baking sessions next time. Hope to see you soon” – Shao Qin

“A morning well spent at Shinni’s class for my very first lesson “ Enchanted cupcakes” . Great lesson and friendly teacher . Important tips were given by Shinni and results of cakes were delicious. ” — Janice Siow

“ I attended the ‘say cheeze’ baking class last night. It was an easy to follow through hands-on session. Doubts raised were addressed and timely demonstrations were provided by Shinni during the class. ” — Diana Teng

About Instructor

Presently, Shinni is the chef & baking instructor of BakinCalf. Since BakinCow's founding in 2007, she has conducted many baking classes as well as baked numerous cakes for birthday, anniversary and wedding. She found that in today's highly-commercialized F&B environment, it is difficult to find affordably-priced customised cakes that do not compromise on quality.

Thus, she decided to do just that - bake high-quality cakes and teach others how to bake delicious wholesome cakes for everyone to enjoy by setting up the BakinCalf baking and decorating classes. In order to hone her craft, Shinni devoted herself to getting her baking certification through professional courses with Creative Culinaire, Wilton, CerealTech and other stalwarts in the industry and fine-tuning her recipes through meticulous scientific research.

“When I bake, I'm in another world – one that is beautiful and serene. It rejuvenates me!”